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Kim Dot Com is an important figure in todays information world. The economics play a major role in the landscape of web services offered today - the legislation is often a reflection of the economic forces that affect the current system.

The thing that really needs to change before any real ‘evolution’ of the internet can come is the education of the consumer and internet user. As the revelations of snowden, wikileaks and other sources online are becoming more and more available and in the mainstream internet users are beginning to question the security of their data.

This awareness will lead users to evaluate the various services that they use online and look for ways to protect themselves from spying. What I would like to add that the issue is a lot bigger than the NSA. Cyber crime and corporate & personal espionage is a billion dollar industry.

So far, my impression of the new mega services is pretty good. I must admit I’m rather hooked onto dropbox but I am slowly making the move.

Good luck to you Mr. Kim but I am a little pessimistic…

There are two reasons why:

Reason #1: Infrastructure

As seen in recent leaks the surveillance happens on a backbone level. Outside the software - the internet is a really complex infrastructure of enormous cables that pass underneath oceans and satelites. The (broadly speaking) Military Industrial complex owns most of it. Encryption seems to be the only answer and Kim recognizes that. This leads me to point #2. The point is passing a packet through the infrastructure is like running through enemy lines in a suit of thick body armour. And even Mr. Dot Com himself was a victim of this despite his uber web savvy’ness skillz. (sorry). I hope his end to end mainstream encryption solution really works. The major risk here is that if whatever system is implemented does get infiltrated the users will probably never find out and be dulled into a sense of false security. Something like what happened with Tor.

Reason #2: ISP’s

If encryption really becomes an effective tool against unwarranted surveillance I am afraid legislation will be passed to outlaw encrypted packets simply on the basis of national security.

"Oh those terrorists are using the internet to plot the next terrorist act!".

Now the ISP is in a situation to either faces the fines or closures that will be enforced on them by the government or fight them in expensive legal battles. Me thinks most ISP’s will comply and simply ban users who use encrypted data packets. Outside of enormous breakthroughs in math I think this is the only way to prevent uncensored and unmonitored communication flows.

Incredible David Gilmour concert in 2008. Really impressed that he played songs from ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ writen by Syd Barret in 1967. Especially considering that he wasn’t even in the band back then.

Google acquires a company that makes walking, running robots – including one faster than Usain Bolt


Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, as the New York Times reports. The company builds robots that can walk and run and have names like BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat and Atlas. Cheetah is said to be able to run faster than Usain Bolt. http://tnw.co/1ecL1fS

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Chase & Status - Alive ft. Jacob Banks

Cool music video.

The trailer for a documentary by No Label Films about an awesome band ‘Nervcell’ from Dubai.

A teaser of a short documentary that has been keeping me excited about film making. @nervecellband #dubai

JFK assassination in colour and frame by frame. Some heavy shit.

This is another piece of absolutely obscenely ridilous technology. Kind of scary how good this is.

This is absolutely ridiclous. Actual insanely cool new technology with an infinite spectrum for potential applications. Really crazy.

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful."

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Amazing documentary on the way markets & trading truly work. An insider view from the programmers that develop the systems for trading.

An interesting documentary about Bill Clinton & Co. Money laundering. Cocaine import. Straight illegal.

"Poverty is a denial of rights sold as a character flaw."

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